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Port Credit Skating Club Return to Skate Protocol

COVID - 19

StarSkate -- June 2020


These Protocols are Port Credit Skating Club (PCSC) policies and are intended to enable a safe return to the sport during the COVID-19 crises.

These Protocols are based on current Ontario statutes and regulations, current public health requirements and directives, and Skate Ontario’s desire to make our sport safe for all.


The Port Credit Skating Club Health and Safety committee in conjunction with the Executive Committee of the PCSC will oversee the implementation of this Back to Skate and all Club Health and Safety Protocols/Guidelines.


Members: Jenny Fleming, Miriam Phelps, Siobhan Crawley, Sandra Labrie, Cindy Ling, Bonnie Kuehl

In this document Person(s) refers to any PCSC member (skater, parent/guardian, board member), Coach, Staff or Volunteer.

Requirements for registering for PCSC Summer 2020 Programming

  • The PCSC COVID-19 Return to Skate Policy must be accepted online at the time of registration.
  • The Skate Ontario COVID-19 waiver MUST be signed and handed in to the PCSC volunteer BEFORE a skater will be permitted to participate in any Club session, no exceptions. Signed electronic copies will be accepted and can be emailed to  (please include skater’s name on form).   If a skater arrives for their first session without having completed the waiver they will not be allowed to skate and no refunds/credits will be issued for failure to comply.  One waiver is needed PER skater and need only be completed once.
  • A mandatory “COVID-19 Prevention/Education virtual seminar” must be attended by the skater and their parent/guardian prior to attending any PCSC activity.
  • No Person(s) shall be allowed to participate in any PCSC activity/program/event without completing the virtual training, accepting the policies and handing in a completed, signed waiver.




  • PCSC coaches have all completed, and have up-to-date, first-aid certification.
  • PCSC coaches/volunteers will have first-aid materials available for each PSCS live activity/program/event. Material will be maintained in a sterile plastic pouch which will be disinfected each day. If pouch is opened, all materials will be replaced or sterilized prior to next use at a PCSC live activity/program/event.


Preventing COVID-19 Exposure



  • Person(s) must self-screen in accordance with current public heath guidelines before each training session.
  • Individuals must not attend any live training sessions or club activities if they:
    • Exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms, such as a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or other symptoms identified by health experts
    • Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days
    • Have returned from travel outside of Canada within the past 14 days (must quarantine for 14 days at home)
  • Anyone who answers yes to these questions should self-isolate for 14 days, can get tested, and should follow Peel Public Health directives regarding self-isolation. Failure to comply will lead to the person(s) being denied entry to the skating facility, being asked to leave the skating facility upon discovery of failure, being denied access to any PCSC live activity/program/event until they have completed their quarantine and/or have been symptom free for 14 days.


Health Questionnaire and Tracking


  • Person(s) must complete a verbal health questionnaire prior to each entry to the skating facility and/or participation in any PCSC live activity/program/event. A list of all those completing the health questionnaire will be maintained for tracing measures if needed.
  • Any Person(s) who fails the questionnaire will be denied entry to the skating facility or live activity/program/event.
  • Anyone who answers yes to these questions should self-isolate for 14 days, can get tested and should follow Peel Public Health directives regarding self-isolation
  • Attendance at each PCSC live activity/program/event will be taken which will capture all Person(s) present. This daily Session Participation Tracking sheets will be maintained electronically by the Club Secretary to enable contact tracing should it be requested by Public Health. This list will not be shared beyond what is required by Ontario Law.


Skaters/Coaches Training at Multiple Facilities


  • All skaters, coaches or choreographers who are attending training sessions in multiple locations are asked to declare that information to the PCSC Secretary via email.
  • Individuals are expected to use a new face mask and skating gloves at each location and should consider managing schedules to avoid entering different facilities on the same day
  • Those persons will be asked to enact additional caution with disinfecting any clothing, bags, phones/devices, etc. prior to entering the facility being used by the PCSC and its members.
  • Those persons will be asked to be diligent in performing a self-assessment and answering the health questionnaire prior to participating in any PCSC live activity/program/event.

Symptoms/Ill-health during or following a PCSC live activity/program/event


  • Person(s) developing any COVID-19 symptoms, such as a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or other symptoms identified by health experts during or following a PCSC live activity/program/event must inform the session volunteer immediately or the Club President ( and may not attend/participate in any following live event until they are symptom free based on current Public Health guidance. Failure to comply will lead to the person(s) being denied access to any PCSC live activity/program/event until they have completed their quarantine and/or have been symptom free for 14 days.
  • Person(s) must immediately stop participation in club or skating school activities. The individual should be isolated from all others in a well-ventilated area, or outside, and provided with a non-medical face mask if one is available. The individual will be asked to collect their belongings and to safely exit the ice and skating facility.
  • The individual shall be sent home and instructed to follow public health guidelines regarding self-isolation and testing.
  • Any Club Members, Coaches, Staff and Volunteers are asked to inform the Club President of any COVID symptoms at A designated person from PCSC Health & Safety and Executive Committee will follow-up with the Person(s) to check on their overall health and to determine next steps. The Person(s) must be treated in a respectful manner that protects their privacy. Information on the suspected COVID-19 case will be maintained in confidentiality.
  • Any club/skating school members who were in close contact with the individual should not participate in live club/skating school activities for 14 days and should follow public health guidelines regarding self-isolation and testing.
  • Any Person(s) that have been tested for COVID-19 must not participate in live club or skating school activities while waiting for the results of the test, or until cleared by Peel Public Health.
  • If no test was performed, or the COVID-19 test was negative, the individual may only return to live club/skating school activities once they no longer have any symptoms of COVID-19, have completed their 14 day self-isolation and have received direction from Peel Public health.
  • Following a positive COVID-19 test, an individual must follow all public health guidelines regarding return to activities. The PCSC Health & Safety and Executive Committee will provide a list of members present with the infected/ill Person(s) to Peel Public Health upon request.


Communication Plan During COVID-19


  • As they have done throughout this COVID-19 Pandemic the PCSC Board of Directors will continue to inform and share as much information as is possible about the Return to Skate procedures and policies with the members and coaches.
  • This information will be shared via email and through a posting on the Club website. Members and Coaches will be informed as soon as possible of any modifications/restrictions or cancelations of programs/activities.


Protocol for Preparation for Skating (car to ice)

  • Skater should arrive 20-30 mins prior to start of skating session to ensure warm-up, skates laced-up and health questionnaire completed prior to entering ice area.
  • At Iceland it is recommended that the parking lot closest to the skating pad be used.
    • Rink #4 rentals should use the South entrance
  • Skater must bring water bottles filled, water bottles cannot be filled in ice facility.
  • Warm-up will be done outside. There is a grassy area that is safe. Warming up outside is safer and it allows more distance between people. Warm-up is not permitted to occur within the skating facility.
  • Skater must arrive at arena already in their skating clothes or be able to change in the car.
  • Skater/coach should lace up their skates in the car and plan to remove them in the car as well. Alternatively, skates may be put laced up using an external bench or a chair (belonging to skater and kept in/near the car) with physical distancing maintained. Skaters/coaches must be fully dressed when entering the facility.
  • It is recommended that skating bags and unnecessary belongings be kept in the skater’s/coaches car and not brought into the arena. Skaters should only bring into the arena gloves, water bottle and a pack of tissues, and any other needed items in a single Ziploc bag with their name on it. This bag must be disinfected daily. If the skater must bring their belongings into the arena a specific location will be designated. Anything brought into the arena must be disinfected daily.
  • Skaters must bring a bag in order dispose of their used Kleenex. They must bring this bag back home with them (or deposit it in a closed garbage can). Bag must be disinfected or replaced before next skating session.
  • Skaters are discouraged from bringing a cell phone into the rink except where necessary for safety reason (such as a skater riding a bike to the rink independently). If phones are brought into the rink they MUST be turned off and left in the skater’s bag/box. Parents needing to get a message to their skaters may contact the coach or volunteer board member. 
  • Skaters/coach/volunteer may be asked to wear a mask to enter/exit arena, mask is not mandatory when on the ice.
  • Skaters will assemble at entrance to facility (with 2m physical distancing) by coach/volunteer prior to entry. Entrance to facility will be as a group approx. 10 mins prior to activity start time. A skater who is not present when the group enters the facility will not participate on the skating session. No exceptions.  No credit or refund will be issued for a missed skate.
  • Skater/coach/volunteer must complete health questionnaire prior to entry to facility. Health questionnaire must be completed before skater is permitted onto the ice surface.
  • No parent/guardian is permitted to enter the ice facility. Only skaters and coaches may enter. Parent/guardian should provide cell phone number to coach/volunteer in case contact for any reason is needed. Parent/guardian must be available to pick-up the skater directly at the completion of their skating session.
  • Skaters/coach/volunteer must wash or sanitize hands upon entry to the facility and frequently while in facility.
  • No sharing of any item is allowed. Each skater will have a designated spot to leave their items apart from other people’s belongings.
  • Skaters must wait in the designated spot before accessing the ice. Skaters will need to maintain 2m physical distancing while waiting.


Protocol for Skating (on-ice)

  • Skaters must wait in the designated spot before accessing the ice. Skaters will need to maintain 2m physical distancing while waiting.
  • Once you get to the ice level/surface, there will be one door to get on the ice and another one to exit.
  • Player benches are not to be used. Skaters/coaches should be on the ice for the duration of the skating time.
  • Skaters will enter the rink one at a time and clear the area of the door as fast as possible so that the next skater may enter.
  • Protocol for access to ice:
    • Stop at the boards (next to the penalty box)
    • Take off skate guards
    • Sanitize hands
    • Put on skating gloves if desired. If worn, skating gloves are to be cleaned daily.
    • Bring their belongings/bag to the bench on the opposite side of the rink, place items in designated spot (one per skater). Ice exit will be via a different door.
  • Protocol for skating sessions:
    • Skaters are required to maintain a physical distance of at least 2m from all other skaters and coaches.
    • Skaters will stroke independently in a counter-clockwise direction unless the coach on the ice specifically gives other instructions.
    • Coaching
      • Coaches must maintain a 2m physical distance from their skaters and from other coaches/volunteers.
      • Coaches will coach while standing at a designated spot on the ice.
      • All coaching should be done using verbal cues – no touching of skaters.
      • Coaches should use their discretion to ensure if group lessons are offered that skaters can maintain the 2m physical distancing.
    • No harness use is permitted in Stage 1 of return to skating.
    • As the session comes to an end, skaters will collect their belongings and exit the ice one at a time. 
    • Protocol for departing the ice:
      • Step off ice surface
      • Put on skate guards
      • Remove skating gloves (if wearing)- Sanitize hands
    • Hands must be sanitized every time skater enters or leaves the skating surface.
    • Skaters/coaches will exit the arena facility promptly – removing skates in their car. While exiting the ice/arena facility 2m physical distancing between members must be maintained.





Summer 2020 Payment Policies:


Upon registration: Full Session fees plus the Skate Canada/Insurance fee (plus non-resident fee if applicable).


Skate Canada/Insurance/Admin fee: 


  • $44 for any skater not registered with Skate Canada for the current season. All non-Home Club members must include their correct name, date of birth and Skate Canada number in their "skater/participant profile" when creating their account. Duplication of Skate Canada registration fee due to member error in creating skater profile will result in member being charged an administration refund fee.




Refund and Credit Policy:


Credits (no refund) will be issued for missed sessions due to a positive COVID test result or due to self isolation related to exposure during a live Port Credit SC activity/program/event.


Protocol in pdf format. StarSkate Return to Skate COVID Policy - final - July 2020 .pdf



















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