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Star 6 to Gold Assessment (StarSkate) Information 


  • The STAR 6-GOLD program offers opportunities for skaters to develop basic skating skills in three different areas: Freeskate, Dance, Skills.
  • As a skater masters each level, they will be assessed by their coach or Evaluator during scheduled Assessment Days.
  • Each skater will progress at his/her own pace, and will have immediate access to assessment when ready for advancement.
  • Coaches will notify the skater of the upcoming session on which your skater will be assessed.
  • All assessments have a Skate Canada fee which must be paid prior to the assessment.  If a skater is not successful in passing their assessment, the assessment fee will need to be paid again in order to retry the assessment.


General Information for Assessment Days:

  • The schedule is made based on Skate Canada’s guidelines however each Evaluator will operate at their own pace. Skaters should arrive at the rink early and be ready to skate as early as 30 minutes before their scheduled time. Upon arrival, skaters should check-in with the Assessment Coordinator to verify their skate time and or any changes. If skaters are not present for their assessment, no refund will be issued.

    a)     Out of Club Assessments

    PCFSC Coaches wishing to have their skaters participate in an Assessment Day at club or school other than the skater’s home club will need to submit the request in writing to the Assessment Chair to obtain consent. This consent will ensure the candidate is a registrant in good standing with the club and has met all the requirements including any pre-requisites. Please include the name of the skater, the name of club the assessment is taking place, the date of the Assessment Day, the reason the coach/skater is wishing to be assessed out of club and the contact information for the Assessment Coordinator at the club hosting the Assessment Day.

    If a non-PCFSC skater wishes to be assessed at a PCFSC Assessment Day, the base coach and the Assessment Coordinator (providing consent) from the skater’s home club should submit a request no later than 3 weeks before the Assessment Day to The request should include the following:

    ·        Name of the skater

    ·        Name of the coach

    ·        Type of assessment(s)

    ·        Name of dance partner (if applicable)

    The cost per assessment is $50 and must be paid no later than 1 week before the Assessment Day.


  • It is the skater’s responsibility to provide a compatible version of the music they require for their assessment(s) at least 1 week prior to the Assessment Day. This includes music for Freeskate Programs, Artistic Programs and Dance Music other than:

    ·        Skate Canada Dance Music (Series 1-8)

    ·        Skate Canada Approved Music for pattern dance

    ·        ISU Music

    Request for Refund 

    PCFSC understands that there may be times a skater may not be able to participate in an Assessment Day due to unforeseen circumstances and will issue a refund should such an event occur. Should the unforeseen circumstance be medical in nature, a doctor’s certificate is required in order to process the refund. PCFSC is not responsible for any costs related to obtaining medical certificates.

    Refunds will not be issued for the following reasons:

    ·        Being late or not present for the scheduled assessment(s)

    ·        Should a skater not be successful in passing an assessment, no refund will be issued, and the assessment fee will need to be paid again prior to retrying the assessment.



StarSkate Assessment Day Fee


 ***The skater's name should be entered for each Assessment day fee purchased***


Non-Registered Skaters (not registered for a PCSC program) 

If a non-Club skater would like to complete an Assessment at PCSC, approval must first be obtained from their coach.  The coach should then contact PCSC at to schedule the skater for the assessment.  The fee for a Non-Club Skater is $50 per assessment taken.  If more that one assessment is to be taken, the correct number of Assessment Day Fees must be purchased.  Assessment fees are to be paid online on the Port Credit Skating Club website, and the receipt must be presented to the Assessment Day Chair at the arena prior to proceeding to assessment.



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