Ice Courtesy

Proper skating attire must be worn at all times. ABSOLUTELY NO JEANS! Proper attire includes skating dresses, skirts, tights and leggings, properly fitting tops/sweaters, which cover the abdomen and show no cleavage. Clothing must be in good repair, and long hair tied back. Skaters not wearing proper attire will be asked to leave the ice and return when they are dressed properly. Refer to the Skaters’ Code of Conduct.

  • Skaters must yield right of way to those skating a solo program and those skaters in lessons. 
  • Skaters and parents should not interrupt coaches while they are teaching a lesson. 

Questions and concerns should be taken to the Session Representative or other board member present. Do not approach the coaches while they are on the ice.

  • Skaters are required to comply with the rules and regulations of the City of Mississauga Recreation and Parks Department as posted in the arenas. 
  • Club group lessons take priority over any private lesson taking place on the ice


Skaters should be aware of other skaters’ positions and must yield right of way to those skating a solo program and those skaters in lessons.

Skaters must follow the ice usage directions of the professional staff, ie:

  • Jumps in at ice end, spins practiced in the centre of the ice, stay out of dance patterns, recognize when the harness is in use, getting up quickly after a fall, etc.
  • All skaters need to be respectful and polite with each other and be courteous so that all may enjoy their time on the ice.


Pre-Can/CanSkate/Adult CanSkate

  • Skaters must wear mitts.
  • All skaters must wear a CSA Approved helmet, regardless of age. 
  • SKATERS WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE ICE NOT WEARING A CSA APPROVED HELMET – Stickers on helmets are not allowed by Skate Canada.
  • Please ensure that each skater has a responsible person present in the arena during all sessions.

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