Code of Conduct

  • Skaters must not go on the ice until the zamboni doors have closed. A PCSC Board member or Skate Canada certified coach must be present at the boards/ on ice before any skater steps onto the ice.
  • Appropriate skating clothing must be worn at all times. Skirts, dresses or pants will be worn over bodysuits. Tops will not be revealing in any way. Tights and gloves will be in good repair. Coaches and Board Members have the right to ask a skater to leave the ice if they feel a skater is not dressed properly. If they do not have an alternate, they will be asked to leave that session until they are dressed properly.
  • No food, drinks, gum or candy are allowed on the ice surface. Water bottles may be left on the boards. 
  • Cell phones are NOT allowed on the ice surface. If absolutely necessary, cell phones may be used off the ice surface. Cell phones and purses should be left at the boards, not the dressing room, for safety. 
  • Skaters shall maintain a safe distance from all other skaters. 
  • Please do not stand still in the middle of the ice. If you do take a break, make sure to stand against the boards. 
  • A private lesson should never be interrupted or interfered with, by another skater or any other person. Parents must wait until the end of a session to speak to coaches unless it is an emergency.   
  • Manners are always important. Yelling across the ice is not appropriate. Members must be respectful of all skaters and coaches at all times. 
  • All skaters shall use appropriate language at all times. Swearing or the use of abusive language while on the ice, in one of our off-ice classes or any other part of the arena is not appropriate. The rink is a training centre for all ages. 
  • Be aware of a skater’s self esteem. Bragging, boasting, and put downs are neither acceptable nor tolerated in any way. All members, coaches, skaters and parents shall always demonstrate good sportsmanship, courtesy, consideration and respect towards others.
  • PCSC will not tolerate bullying in any form and will follow the Skate Canada policy to deal with any such infraction.



  • The first coach hired by the skater’s parents for private lessons is known as the base or primary coach. In accordance with Skate Canada guidelines, parents should discuss adding an additional coach to the skater's team with the base coach prior to approaching another coach. 
  • Please be aware it is against Skate Canada guidelines for any coach to “solicit” a skater away from another coach. If a change in coach is desired, parents must first discuss a coach change with the base coach. Please speak to a Board Member for further clarification.
Violations to the PCSC code of conduct will not be tolerated. Members/Parents will be contacted if skaters do not comply with the code of conduct.
In severe and/or repeat cases a suspension of membership (short- or long-term) is possible.

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