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Port Credit Skating Club Coaching Team


Coaches at the Port Credit Skating Club are certified through Canada's governing body of skating, Skate Canada, and the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).


Jennifer Fleming

(647) 523-3713

Availability: Most mornings and evenings


  • CanSkate Certified
  • Primary StarSkate Certified
  • ISPC Certification in Progress

Experience:  7 years

Disciplines Taught: Freeskate, STARSkate 1-5 skills

Skating Experience/Tests:

  • Jr. Competitive Singles
  • U.S. Sr. Competitive Freeskate
  • U.S. Sr. Moves in the Field
  • Coached and mentored by Olympic level Coaches
  • Gold Skills Tests
  • Gold Dance Tests
  • Gold FreeSkate Tests
  • Gold Interpretive Test
  • Jr. Competitive Test
  • U.S. Senior Competitive Test
  • U.S. Senior Moves in the Field Test



  • Health, Wellness, and Fitness Graduate
  • CanFit Pro Nutrition Specialist Certification

Meghan Harrington

Availability: All sessions - please contact to discuss lesson opportunities


  • Certified Skate Canada Provincial Coach (formerly NCCP level 2)

Experience: 16 years

Disciplines Taught: Freeskate (Competitive and StarSkate), Pairs, Artistic and Show Skating with specialities in Choreography.

Coaching Achievements:

  • U.S National Showcase Championships:
    • 6 National Championship Titles (gold medals)
    • 12 Second place achievements (silver medals)
    • 6 Third place achievements (bronze medals)
  • Skate Ontario Provincial Championships:
    • 18 Provincial competitors
    • Podium placement in Silver Triathalon
    • Top 10 placement in Juvenile Competitive
    • 2016 Open Pair Champions
    • CEP Level: Gold
    • Coached skaters through Gold Freeskate, Gold Interpretive/Artisitc and Gold Skill tests

Skating Experience:

  • Disney on ice: 6 world wide tours in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Central America.
  • 2016 Masters Dramatic U.S National Show Skating Champion
  • Competed at the Canadian National Championships
  • Test Levels:
    • Gold Freeskate, Skills, Interpretive and Dance.
    • Competitive Tests - Junior Ladies and Junior Pairs

Carolyn Gibb Lista


Availability: All sessions, Monday to Friday


  • Skate Canada Provincial Coach (formerly NCCP level 2)
  • Partial certification - Skate Canada National Coach in Theory and Dance (formerly NCCP level 3)
  • CanPowerSkate

Experience: 24 years

Disciplines Taught:  All disciplines, specializing in dance, skills at senior level

Skating Experience/Tests:

  • National Junior Dance Competitor
  • Senior Competitive Dance
  • Gold Dances
  • Gold Skills


Diploma in Public Relations 

Stephanie Matthews

(416) 527-0413

Availability:  All sessions


  • CanSkate Certified
  • Primary StarSkate Certified
  • ISPC Certification in progress

Coaching Experience: 5 years 

Disciplines Taught: Singles-Freeskate, STARSkate levels 1-5

Skating Experience:

  • Novice Competitive Ladies
  • Gold Triathlon StarSkate
  • Gold Free Skate Tests
  • Gold Dance Tests
  • Gold Skills Test
  • Gold Interpretive Test

Sarah Rowsell


Availability: All sessions.  Please contact to discuss lesson opportunities.


  • Primary Coach Certified
  • CanPowerSkate Certification

Experience: 20+ years

Disciplines Taught: Freeskate (STARSkate), Interpretive, Skills, Dance

Coaching Achievements:

  • Coached skaters at US National Showcase
  • Have had skaters qualify for Skate Ontario (Provincial) Championships
  • Coached skaters through Gold Tests
  • Experience with Special Olympic Athletes
  • Power skating for hockey teams (House League-AA)


  • Bachelor of Education (Brock University)
  • Honours Bachelor of Physical Education (Brock University)
  • Principals Qualifications Part 1 and 2

Eric Ritter

Availability: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - All Sessions

Certification:  NCCP Level 1 Certified

Discipline Taught: FreeSkate (Competitive and STARSkate), Dance

Experience: 15 years

Discipline Taught: FreeSkate (Competitive and STARSkate), Dance

Coaching Achievements: 

  • Coached students through Gold and Diamond level dances.
  • Experience working with competitive level freeskate students working on double and triple jumps

Skating Experience:

  • Gold Freeskate
  • Diamond Dances
  • National Senior Level Competitive Freeskater
  • Novice Level Competitive Ice Dancer

Elyse Molnar

Availability: Please contact to discuss lesson opportunities


  • CanSkate Certified
  • ISPC Certified Regional Coach
  • ISPC Provincial Coach in Training
  • CanPowerSkate Certified

Experience: 14 years

Disciplines Taught:  All disciplines

Skating Experience/Tests:

  • Gold Skills Tests
  • Gold FreeSkate Tests
  • Gold Interpretive Test
  • Gold Dance Tests
  • Diamond Dance Tests
  •  3x Canadian National Competitor

Additional Qualifications:

  • NCCP Safe Sport
  • Mental Health in Sport
  • NCCP Sport Nutrition

Rebecca Sheppard


Availability: All sessions


  • Provincial Coach Certified
  • Completed Level 3 Theory and General Subjects (Technical)

Experience: 12 years

Discipline Taught: FreeSkate (Competitive and STARSkate), Interpretive, Skills, Dance

Coaching Achievements:

  • Coached up to Pre-Novice level competitive skaters
  • Have had skaters qualify for Skate Ontario (provincial) Championships in FreeSkate, Pairs and Dance
  • Skaters have won 4 provincial medals
  • Skaters have won 16 medals at U.S. National Showcase
  • Coached Skaters to 33 Gold Tests in all four disciplines
Skating Experience:
  • Gold Interpretive
  • Gold Dances
  • Canadian Adult Nationals Competitor in Gold FreeSkate
  • Coached and Mentored by National, International and Olympic level Coaches
  • B.A. in psychology from York University
  • Certificate in Sports Administration from York University (Kinesiology Program)

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