Port Credit Skating Club Coaches 2017-2018

Meghan Harrington
skatewithmeghan@gmail.com  416-574-1331
Sarah Rowsell  sarah.rowsell@peelsb.com      416-559-3662
Rebecca Sheppard thebecca88@hotmail.com    416-786-0639
Carolyn Gibb Lista ceglista@hotmail.com      905-278-9445
Jenny Fleming    jenfigure-skater@hotmail.com   647-523-3713
Stephanie Matthews  stephanie.matthews6@gmail.com 416-527-0413
Eric Ritter  eritter688@gmail.com 647-922-1997


Private lessons are usually arranged for 10-15 minutes at a time. Arrangements are made directly with any of the coaches. Fees vary by coach and all payments are made directly to the coach. When you have selected a coach contact them to discuss fees, expectations, and date and length of the lessons. Once these areas have been discussed and an agreement reached, you have chosen your base coach.

As with all professional relationships, there are some matters of etiquette to observe:
1. You should discuss your needs and interests with several coaches before choosing one. Coaches’ fees vary and it is proper to discuss fees beforehand.
2. If you cannot attend a scheduled lesson, you should advise the coach at least 24 hours in advance. Coaches may charge for lessons not cancelled in advance.
3. If you wish to change coaches, you must advise the coach of your intent and ensure that all outstanding bills have been paid.
4. In the event that you wish to add a coach, to concentrate on a specialized area, this is done in conjunction with the base coach and both coaches need to be part of the discussion.

You and your skater should discuss expectations with your coach at the beginning of the season and have a written plan from the coach to refer to re: tests, competitions, etc.

Meghan Harrington


Disciplines Taught: Singles (StarSkate and Competitive), Pairs, Artistic

Availability: All sessions please contact to discuss lessons opportunities

Skating Experience:
Junior Competitive Ladies
Novice Competitive Pairs
Skated professionally for Disney on Ice for 6 years
Canadian National Competitor
2016 Masters Dramatic U.S National Champion
Certified Skate Canada Provincial Coach (formerly NCCP level 2)
Specialities: Freeskate, Pairs and Choreography
Coaching Achievements:
Top 10 placement at StarSkate Championships Juvenile Competitive
2014 Teen Interpretive U.S National Champion
2016 Skate Ontario Champions in Open Pairs

CEP Level: Gold

Experience: 9 years

Notes:  Performed with Disney on ice in 6 worldwide tours, coached skaters through Gold Interpretive and Gold Freeskate tests, Coached skates through Ontario provincial Championships

Carolyn Lista


Disciplines Taught: All disciplines, specializing in dance, skills at senior level

Availability: All sessions, Monday to Friday

 Skating Experience/Tests:

  • National Junior Dance Competitor
  • Senior Competitive Dance
  • Gold Dances
  • Gold Skills

Coaching Certifications:

  • Skate Canada Provincial Coach (formerly NCCP level 2)
  • Partial certification - Skate Canada National Coach in Theory and Dance (formerly    NCCP level 3)
  • CanPowerSkate

Coaching Experience: 22 years


Diploma in Public Relations 

Rebecca Sheppard


Discipline Taught: FreeSkate (Competitive and STARSkate), Interpretive, Skills, Dance

Availability: All sessions

Experience: 10 years

Coaching Certification:

  • Primary Coach Certified
  • Provincial Coach Trained
  • Completed Level 3 Theory and General Subjects (Technical)

 Coaching Achievements:

  • Coached Pre-Juvenile and Pre-Novice level competitive skaters in dance and freeskate
  • Have had skaters qualify for Skate Ontario (provincial) Championships in FreeSkate, Pairs and Dance
  • Skaters have won 4 provincial medals
  • Skaters have won 15 medals at U.S. National Showcase
  • -Coached Skaters to 28 Gold Tests
Skating Experience:
  • Gold Interpretive
  • Gold Dances
  • Canadian Adult Nationals Competitor in Gold FreeSkate
  • Coached and Mentored by National, International and Olympic level Coaches
  • B.A. in psychology from York University
  • Certificate in Sports Administration from York University (Kinesiology Program)

Sarah Rowsell    

Email: sarah.rowsell@peelsb.com

Disciplines Taught: Freeskate (STARSkate), Interpretive, Skills, Dance

Availability: All sessions except Sunday. Please contact to discuss lesson opportunities.

Experience: 20+ years

Coaching Certifications

  • Primary Coach Certified
  • CanPowerSkate Certification


  • Bachelor of Education (Brock University)
  • Honours Bachelor of Physical Education (Brock University)
  • Pricipals Qualifications Part 1 and 2

Skating/Coaching Experience:

  • Gold Dances
  • Gold Artistic
  • Coached skaters at US National Showcase
  • Coached skaters through Gold Tests
  • Experience with Special Olympic Athletes


Eric Ritter

Discipline Taught: FreeSkate (Competitive and STARSkate), Dance

Availability: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - All Sessions

Experience: 15 years

Coaching Certification: 

  • NCCP Level 1 Certified

Coaching Achievements: 

  • Coached students through Gold and Diamond level dances.
  • Experience working with competitive level freeskate students working on double and triple jumps

Skating Experience:

  • Gold Freeskate
  • Diamond Dances
  • National Senior Level Competitive Freeskater
  • Novice Level Competitive Ice Dancer

Jennifer Fleming

Email: jenfigureskater@hotmail.com

Phone: 647-523-3713

Disciplines Taught: Freeskate, STARSkate 1-5 skills

Availability: Most mornings and evenings

Skating Experience/Tests:

  • Jr. Competitive Singles
  • U.S. Sr. Competitive Freeskate
  • U.S. Sr. Moves in the Field
  • Coached and mentored by Olympic level Coaches
  • Gold Skills Tests
  • Gold Dance Tests
  • Gold FreeSkate Tests
  • Gold Interpretive Test
  • Jr. Competitive Test
  • U.S. Senior Competitive Test
  • U.S. Senior Moves in the Field Test


  • Experience: 5 years
  • CanSkate Certified
  • Primary StarSkate Certified
  • ISPC Certification in Progress

Experience: 6 years


  • Health, Wellness, and Fitness Graduate
  • CanFit Pro Nutrition Specialist Certification

Stephanie Matthews

Email: stephanie.matthews6@gmail.com

Phone Number: 416-527-0413

Disciplines Taught: Singles-Freeskate, STARSkate levels 1-5

Availability: All sessions

Skating Experience:

  • Novice Competitive Ladies
  • Gold Triathlon StarSkate
  • Gold Free Skate Tests
  • Gold Dance Tests
  • Gold Skills Test
  • Gold Interpretive Test

Coaching Experience: 5 years 

CanSkate Certified
Primary StarSkate Certified
ISPC Certification in progress

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