Coaches at the Port Credit Skating Club are certified through Canada's governing body of skating, Skate Canada, and the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

Jennifer Fleming

(647) 523-3713

Availability: Most mornings and evenings


  • CanSkate Certified
  • Primary StarSkate Certified
  • ISPC Certification in Progress

Experience:  7 years

Disciplines Taught: Freeskate, STARSkate 1-5 skills

Skating Experience/Tests:

  • Jr. Competitive Singles
  • U.S. Sr. Competitive Freeskate
  • U.S. Sr. Moves in the Field
  • Coached and mentored by Olympic level Coaches
  • Gold Skills Tests
  • Gold Dance Tests
  • Gold FreeSkate Tests
  • Gold Interpretive Test
  • Jr. Competitive Test
  • U.S. Senior Competitive Test
  • U.S. Senior Moves in the Field Test



  • Health, Wellness, and Fitness Graduate
  • CanFit Pro Nutrition Specialist Certification

Meghan Harrington

Availability: All sessions please contact to discuss lessons opportunities


  • Certified Skate Canada Provincial Coach (formerly NCCP level 2)

Experience: 9 years

Disciplines Taught: Singles (StarSkate and Competitive), Pairs, Artistic with specialities in choreography

Coaching Achievements:
  • Top 10 placement at StarSkate Championships Juvenile Competitive
  • 2014 Teen Interpretive U.S National Champion
  • 2016 Skate Ontario Champions in Open Pairs
  • CEP Level: Gold
  • Coached skaters through Gold Interpretive and Gold Freeskate tests
  • Coached skates through Ontario provincial Championships
Skating Experience:
  • Junior Competitive Ladies
  • Novice Competitive Pairs
  • Skated professionally for Disney on Ice for 6 years
  • Canadian National Competitor
  • 2016 Masters Dramatic U.S National Champion


Performed with Disney on ice in 6 worldwide tours.

Carolyn Gibb Lista


Availability: All sessions, Monday to Friday


  • Skate Canada Provincial Coach (formerly NCCP level 2)
  • Partial certification - Skate Canada National Coach in Theory and Dance (formerly NCCP level 3)
  • CanPowerSkate

Experience: 24 years

Disciplines Taught:  All disciplines, specializing in dance, skills at senior level

Skating Experience/Tests:

  • National Junior Dance Competitor
  • Senior Competitive Dance
  • Gold Dances
  • Gold Skills


Diploma in Public Relations 

Stephanie Matthews

(416) 527-0413

Availability:  All sessions


  • CanSkate Certified
  • Primary StarSkate Certified
  • ISPC Certification in progress

Coaching Experience: 5 years 

Disciplines Taught: Singles-Freeskate, STARSkate levels 1-5

Skating Experience:

  • Novice Competitive Ladies
  • Gold Triathlon StarSkate
  • Gold Free Skate Tests
  • Gold Dance Tests
  • Gold Skills Test
  • Gold Interpretive Test

Sarah Rowsell

Availability: All sessions except Sunday. Please contact to discuss lesson opportunities.


  • Primary Coach Certified
  • CanPowerSkate Certification

Experience: 20+ years

Disciplines Taught: Freeskate (STARSkate), Interpretive, Skills, Dance

Coaching Achievements:

  • Coached skaters at US National Showcase
  • Coached skaters through Gold Tests
  • Experience with Special Olympic Athletes

Skating Experience:

  • Gold Dances
  • Gold Artistic


  • Bachelor of Education (Brock University)
  • Honours Bachelor of Physical Education (Brock University)
  • Pricipals Qualifications Part 1 and 2


Eric Ritter

Availability: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - All Sessions

Certification:  NCCP Level 1 Certified

Discipline Taught: FreeSkate (Competitive and STARSkate), Dance

Experience: 15 years

Discipline Taught: FreeSkate (Competitive and STARSkate), Dance

Coaching Achievements: 

  • Coached students through Gold and Diamond level dances.
  • Experience working with competitive level freeskate students working on double and triple jumps

Skating Experience:

  • Gold Freeskate
  • Diamond Dances
  • National Senior Level Competitive Freeskater
  • Novice Level Competitive Ice Dancer

Rebecca Sheppard


Availability: All sessions


  • Provincial Coach Certified
  • Completed Level 3 Theory and General Subjects (Technical)

Experience: 11 years

Discipline Taught: FreeSkate (Competitive and STARSkate), Interpretive, Skills, Dance

Coaching Achievements:

  • Coached Pre-Juvenile and Pre-Novice level competitive skaters in dance and freeskate
  • Have had skaters qualify for Skate Ontario (provincial) Championships in FreeSkate, Pairs and Dance
  • Skaters have won 4 provincial medals
  • Skaters have won 16 medals at U.S. National Showcase
  • Coached Skaters to 29 Gold Tests
Skating Experience:
  • Gold Interpretive
  • Gold Dances
  • Canadian Adult Nationals Competitor in Gold FreeSkate
  • Coached and Mentored by National, International and Olympic level Coaches
  • B.A. in psychology from York University
  • Certificate in Sports Administration from York University (Kinesiology Program)







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