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2018 – 2019


Wally Distelmeyer Competitive Award of Merit 

  • Jazmine Desrochers - Pre-Juvenile
  • Elleni Kypriotakis - Pre-Juvenile

Bette Distelmeyer Competitive Award:

  • Elina Oh

Gold and Diamond Achievements:

  • Isabel Datars – Skills, Dance and Interpretive
  • Emma Witiuk – FreeSkate
  • Sonya Fernandez – Interpretive
  • Jazmine Desrochers – Interpretive and Skills
  • Mackenzie More – Interpretive
  • Elina Oh – Interpretive
  • Ekaterina Marenich – Interpretive and Skills
  • ElleniKypriotakis - Interpretive

Most Improved Skaters:


Laurie Davison Tiny Tots Award (Most Improved Pre-CanSkate):

  • Sawyer Pardon
  • Will Greenfield
  • Lucia Gilbert

Les Hollington CanSkate Award (Most Improved CanSkate):

  • Charlotte Donald
  • IlijanaStojanovic
  • Georgia Pennington
  • Jaxon Pardon
  • Emilie Clarke
  • Tyson Henry
  • Kiera Mark
  • Sarah Jones

Les Hollington CanFigure Skate Award, (Most Improved Junior Development):

  • Sarah Yang

Les Hollington CanFigure Skate Award, (Most Improved Development):

  • Dylan Yang – Intro to Development
  • Taylor Boyes – Intro to Development
  • Micaela Wells – Development
  • Deanna Young – Development
  • Kayla Cheung – Development
  • Sophie Gleason - Development

Most Improved Pre-Competitive:

  • Kiera Isber
  • Caitlin MacDonald

Competitive Award of Merit:

  • Natasha Limbani
  • Zoe Blair
 Mary Elliot Citizenship Award:
  • Gabby Loeffler-Goodman
  • Elleni Kypriotakis

Isobel J. Fedosoff Most Improved Artistic Award:

  • Constantina Mamas

Siobhan Crawley Program Assistant Award:

  • Chloe Jameson
  • Devon Limbani

Elizabeth Stewart Molnar

Skate Ontario Provincial Championship Award:

  • Mackenzie More
  • Jazmine Desrochers
  • Constantina Mamas
  • Lincoln Clark
  • Elina Oh
  • Natasha Limbani

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